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The Casting Haus

We Specialize in small parts at very high resolution. Our resolution is 15-25micron in z axis and 32um in xy.  We employ the perfactory system with 85mm lens from Envisiontec Germany. This system uses visible light to cure a photopolymer resin and is extremely fast at producing high resolution models.  We are able to grow shell models for the manufacturing of hearing aids and castable resin for dental and jewelry applications. We also have a full casting lab. in house capable of casting all dental and Jewelry alloys. Our envelope size restriction is 45mm x 30mm x 200mm Our physical address and contact info is below.  Thank you for listing us.
The Casting Haus
76 Richmond St. E.
Suite 250
Toronto, Ontario
Email :jacob@TheCastingHaus.com
Jacob Buckareff

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Jacob, The Casting Haus

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Classic Yacht Models 3/18/2011 작성자: 'Rob Eddy' - Rob Eddy
At Classic Yacht Models, www.yachtmodels.com, creators of extremely high end custom yacht models, we employ the services of The Casting Haus services and their technology. As builders some of the worlds most prestigious yachts, the level of detail in our models has increased by the expertise of Jacob Buckareff. His attention to the detail, service and turnaround time makes working with his company a pleasure. The opportunity to work with Jacob has made producing extremely difficult parts possible. I cannot speak more highly of our working experience with The Casting Haus! Rob Eddy, Camden, Maine 19 Neillehaven Drive Camden, Maine 04843
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rp service high RES 1/18/2008 작성자: 'model pro' - model pro
Very nice service, fast turnaround and super nice resolution for small parts!