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The world's leader in Controlled Vacuum Infusion and RTM. Resin (Fluid) modeling software that takes old fashioned, pre-computer, guess work out of the manufacturing process. Intuitive Windows based FE software that allows the user to easily and quickly solve all types of manufacturing problems rendering solutions in approximately one minute each. Used by everybody from the military to power and sailboat manufactures to automotive to major universities all over the world. In use and proven for over six years. See www.polyworx.com. Cost varies, there are solutions starting as little as $3,900 to the $20,000 range, depending on users situation and needs. Full commercial license including support $14,500. Academic discounts available.

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Arjen Koorevaar, Polyworx
+31 182 357042

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totally useless, just use scrimp - polyworx does 10/30/2003
a cheeseburger and french fries program with a rolls royce price. a simple FE program derived from the flow of liquid through pipes altered to show liquid (resin) flowing through a 2.5D shape.