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CATIA V4 3D Import for Rhino 4

- Enables accurate and convenient CAD data transfer from CATIA V4 3D to RHINOCEROS.
- Does NOT require a license of CATIA V4 3D .
- Converts Part and Assembly files : (*.MODEL , *.DLV ,* .EXP).
- Data can be filtered based on Entity Type, Visibility and Layer.
- Support Layer Filter
- Allows you to choose axis placement.
- Transfer ALL 3D Data

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Datakit has a good translator 8/17/2004
Expensive but worth the money when you don't have to remodel. Works like a charm except for some reason it has trouble with simple flat surfaces occasionally. The other pain to consider is that it takes some coordination with the Catia user to get models that come over as separate solids. Without a little prep work you usually get one big grouped nurbs set and when you ungroup, you have a zillion little surfaces to pick through and rejoin. Even with these little annoyances, I think it is still worth it.