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FaroArm portable measurment arms

For more than 20 years, FARO Technologies has been the proven portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for industry powerhouses such as Boeing and Daimler-Chrysler, to successful smaller shops like Rose Metal Industries and Lindgren Automation. In fact, 75% of companies choose FARO for their portable measurement needs, making it the proven market leader with approximately 7,000 installations for 3,000 clients worldwide. Why? Undisputed measurement accuracy down to .0002”. Durability and reliability even in the harshest of manufacturing environments. Adaptable software platforms in seven languages. Unrivaled customer support. And the list goes on. The Platinum FaroArm, available in 4’ to12’ configurations, is the industry standard for digitizing, inspection and CAD-to-part analysis. In fact, FARO offers the world’s only comprehensive on-site/in-process measurement solution for everyone from machinists to large-part manufacturers. FARO: The Highest Accuracy. The Longest Range. The TOTAL Measurement Solution.

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Carole Levine, FARO Technologies

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Great if it works 8/27/2008 작성자: 'Lucas Olson' - Lucas Olson
I recieved the Faro arm 2 months ago and went to training for it and between software and problems with the arm itself we are still not able to use the arm to perform QA checks.
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an other story.. 11/4/2008 작성자: 'Davide D. Sala' - Davide D. Sala
I recived the faro arm and laser scanner and me and my team were able to check and mesure after 4 days training. very feew problems with the set up, mostly from a third part software.