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It's a automatical automobile tire modeling soft. Please set up new Rhino then use that. You can input size of the tire. You can confirm the cross section at a small window befor modering.

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Akira Ota, Design Office

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Great Tool! 11/23/2004
Very useful tool for modeling tires and rim, within Rhino. It works exactly as stated, and very quickly, with a minimal amount of input. People before stated that they were unable to find the download, I could not either when using alternative browsers. I opened up Internet Explorer, and the download button is right where it is supposed to be. Possibly they have the same problem.
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Usefull, but don't make anything in Rhino... 11/23/2011 작성자: 'Fizz' - Fizz
TireMaker is very easy and usefull for automotive design, but, when I make surface or curves in my Rhino, it appears error runtime '5' and TireMaker crash. Help! Thanks
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Excellent !!! 6/20/2002
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It's gone. 9-29-03 9/29/2003
There appears only to be 3 zipped pictures/tutorials and a tutorial composted of five large html web pages. No mention of any plugin. Likely it didn't not work with version 3.
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No problem downloading 10/28/2006
I'm using firefox and it's easy to find. click on tiremaker under rhino plugins at the right, and the download link (in .exe form, not zipped) is in huge red letters and highlighted in yellow on an otherwise black interface. There were no .zips or .rars to speak of.
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I didn't find the download either 11/19/2003
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Didnt work 2/20/2009 작성자: 'JaJa' - JaJa
I tryed to use it but i have rhino 4.0 and it works for 1.2 so i need help can any one tell me were to find tire maker 4.0 or something
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Good Desigh tutorials 8/3/2002
Rhino Excellent Modeling tool