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LPX 60/600/1200

With the touch of a button, LPX 600 and LPX 60 3D laser scanners can generate a detailed CAD model with a 0.008-inch resolution and a watertight surface. Bundled LPX EZ Studio scanning software automatically scans, aligns, merges planes, fills holes, and decimates 3D models. LPX EZ Studio then exports them as point cloud data, .stl and native Rhino .3DM files that can be used for downstream applications in design, analysis, restoration, archiving and CGI. For more demanding applications the LPX-1200 offer an ultra high .004- inch resolution.

Optional PixForm Pro II software powered by RapidForm converts mesh models into fully featured, editable NURBS models that can be saved as IGES files or imported directly into ProE, SolidWorks and UG NX as native data using bridge technology.

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Glenn Kennedy, Roland DGA

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