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Hatch patterns

Free hatch patterns, linetypes, dimensions styles, etc. from Rhino users

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How do I import the hatches? I dont understand how to use the text file? 1/3/2011 작성자: 'Sonja grenord' - Sonja grenord
I would be very pleased if anyoune could inform me how to use the text file to generate the hatches? thnx /Sonja
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Ringraziamenti 2/24/2007
Grazie Prof. Vittorio! Ci vediamo al prossimo RhinoDay
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No support for Windows 7 5/4/2012 작성자: 'Andrew'
I'm running Windows 7 and there's no explanation as to where I can find the support file for this operating system. There is no McNeel folder in Appdata/Roaming. These hatch files are useless to me if I can't find the folder to put them in.
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A Fix for Win 7 5/17/2012 작성자: 'Philippe' - Philippe
Rename .txt to .pat and import in document properties/hatch. Should fix the issues.
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buono anche in 2D 7/25/2007 작성자: 'Christian' - Christian
ho fatto un ottimo acquisto rhino è un ottimo modellatore avanzato e adesso è buono anche per produrre disegni cad 2D!! cio a tutti!!!
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Geat Hatches 5/19/2008 작성자: 'Jason' - Jason
This is a great selection of hatch patterns. It gives you a good variety beyond the default hatches provided by rhino.
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Great but could be better 1/3/2011 작성자: 'Luke' - Luke
Great selection of patterns but would love to see more AEC patterns, this set has slightly too many similar types of flowers for my work but still an excellent resource!
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Versatile and beautiful 3/1/2007
I have recently checked these patterns and found it to be very useful. much better than Rhino4's default set. I think rhino should include this as a default set. Nice work. Hope to see more creative patterns. Do a Trick and you will surprise - I have even tried by breaking them into curves and then extruding to make 3D........ COOL effect with these presets! Thanks !