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2D Nesting

What is the E-Nesting?
E-Nesting is the remarkable new way to nest your parts. E-Nesting provides users with the means to upload 2D input vector files. It is a web-based utility whose only requirement is a web browser. There is no need to install plug-ins or configure on your computer. Just upload the files and NEST !
E-Nesting is a 24/7 On-Line nesting SANDBOX !
In Sandbox Mode professional designers, large and small shops, teachers and students are furnished with unlimited free 'sandbox' access for their experimentation. In seconds you know your results in high resolution graphical output and statistical readouts. No purchase, no registration or plug-ins required to achieve your optimal solution. The following are supported 2D CAD formats: DXF, DWG and 3DM (Rhinoceros V3).
Nesting 'ON-Demand' !
E-Nesting operates in two modes: 'LET IT FLY' - Upload your design specify a few basic parameters and let E-Nesting see what it can do. PROFESSIONAL MODE - Use E-Nesting's '50 plus control settings' to tweak your final nest and maximize the yield and increase part count.
Speed and accuracy - Powered By On-Line Nesting Technology, controlled by you !

Point your browser to E-Nesting.com and try it for yourself!

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Mike Dejanovic, Guzola, Inc.

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Cool! If only it actually worked! 5/26/2011 di 'Bryan Jones' da Bryan Jones
I loaded my part files for a job I have already nested. Set the parameters according to their instructions. Hit the 'start nesting' button and got to the dialog showing that it was crunching. Then... got the dialog stating 'E-Nesting... Processing...'...then C R A S H! 'Resource not available' Error!