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Mesh To Solid

Mesh To Solid is a software to convert a mesh into a solid. A mesh is a set of vertices connected by edges that describe triangular or quadrilateral faces. These faces describe the shape of the object that the mesh describes. Meshes are often used to describe closed solid or open surface objects. However, general solid modeling software do not have methods to manipulate or modify mesh objects. Solid modeling operations such as boolean operations (add, subtract, intersect), extrude, offset, fillet, chamfer, rib, draft, shell, hollow, etc. are possible only with solid or surface objects. Moreover, there is no way to convert a mesh into a solid so that the solid modeling operations can be carried out on it. Mesh To Solid solves this problem by giving you the ability to convert a mesh to a solid. Mesh To Solid can read mesh objects from the following file formats: Stereolithography files (*.stl) Wavefront files (*.obj) OpenNURBS files (*.3dm) Mesh To Solid saves solid data in the following file formats: ACIS files (*.sat) OpenNURBS files (*.3dm)

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Deelip Menezes, SYCODE
+91 9822689298

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Terrible 9/2/2012 di 'Anon' da Anon
Just dose'nt work. At all. Worthless.
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It didnt work 3/1/2011 di 'Dave' da Dave
When I was tryin to import a rhino file it just wouldnt open it or it would say it didnt contain any mesh. I was like WTH!!! I made it myself how come there´s no mesh. I finally got aroun this by importing it in .obj file extension but still wouldnt convert it, it just freezes everything and crashes. . .worthless plugin ever
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Not useable 7/11/2010 di 'kevin' da kevin
This product does not do what it claims, crashes Rhino, and is a total pain to get loaded and registered. Rhinoresurf, and T-splines are far better options, that produce real usability and quality output.
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Mesh to solid 9/23/2008 di 'Anonymous' da Anonymous
The program appears to open a variety of Mesh objects but was never able to get it to successully convert anything to a nurbs object, no matter what type of object (dwg, Rhino saved mesh on any version of Rhino (1 through 4 tried)) or operating system (Vista, XP Pro) was used. Just hung up.
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doesn´t work 1/7/2011 di 'Kim' da Kim
It didn´t work one single time I tried it.
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Worthless 8/6/2010 di 'Stuart Anders' da Stuart Anders
This is the second time I've tried this product. I was hoping this latest version would have provided at least some amount of functionality. It failed on every attempt that I gave it.
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Not for organic shapes 3/17/2010 di 'Steve N' da Steve N
After trying the max amount of times to convert my STL in to a solid I gave up nad sent the file direct to sycode in India to see if I was doing something incorrect. I recived mail back stating that:- Our mesh to solid conversion technology was designed for use with mechanical parts, which are mostly prismatic in nature. Your model contains 103488 vertices and 34496 triangles, and appears to be organic which means that the number of triangular faces increases exponentially. The software needs to create a trimmed planar surface for each triangular face and then stitch them together to create a solid. This process is memory and resource intensive and that may cause the software to freeze. Then there is also the problem of tolerance. Although the mesh may seem watertight, there may be cracks between adjacent faces, which can throw the stitching algorithm off balance. The ability of Mesh To Solid for Rhino to successfully convert large files is largely dependent on your hardware, CPU, RAM, speed etc. We have not programmed any limit to the file size in our plug-ins. If anyone knows of software that can convert large organic STL files into a solid state please contact me...