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ProtoWizard is a rapid prototyping CAM system. ProtoWizard creates up to 4 axis toolpath from STL files. ProtoWizard has special features for the Jewelry Industry...especially Ring manufacturers! ProtoWizard creates 3 sided ring programs automatically..it even has build in Core and Support parametrics. ProtoWizard is one of the fastest toolpath generators on the market, creates extremely optimized NC files, and machines the rings in less time with superior quality!

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Don Wiesmann, Cutting-Edge Applied Technologies, LLC
(513) 367-4556

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ProtoWizard with Roland Machines 4/23/2006
We use ProtoWizard with our Roland JWX-10 and MDX-40 machines and it creates intelligent toolpaths quickly. We particularly like the Wizard based step-by-step functionality that makes it easy for beginners or occasional users. Highly rcommended!!!