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Smart3d gold Quote

Smart3d Quote (FREE)
The free plugin for Rhinoceros to evaluate the weight and the price of your solid object.
The gold and silver price are daily updated!
The Euro and US Dollar price are
daily updated! With Smart3d Quote you can instantly know the weight and the price of your object!


  • Weight in Grams or Ounces
  • Price in Euros or US Dollars
  • Metal Quotes (Gold and Silver)
  • Currency Exchange of the day (Euros / US Dollars)
  • Platinum weight (new)

System Requirements:

McNeel Rhinoceros 4.0 sr6 (or later)
Windows® (2000,XP,Vista,7) 32bit or 64 bit
Framework .NET 2.0
This software must be connected to internet to correctly download the gold quotes of the day.


Download Sito del prodotto


www.smart3d.net, www.smart3d.net

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Good job! Usefull and FREE 1/4/2011 di 'Alex' da Alex
As usual Smart3D does something useful .. and this time it is also free! The weight of an object with gold rhino is easy ...but to know the price in real time is fantastic! Congratulations also for your other software.
483 persone su 1826 hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
quando è gratis è meglio 3/5/2010 di 'mac' da mac
comodo plugin dalle funzioni intelligenti. La smart3d anche questa volta ha fatto centro! ...ed è gratis!
153 persone su 1230 hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
BEN FATTO 3/12/2010 di 'Claudio Gussini' da Claudio Gussini
Sembra facile...ma offrire GRATIS un servizio come questo richiede comunque molto impegno...BRAVI