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Rendering/Animation Service for Jewelry Manufacturers.

We offer the following services to jewelry manufacturers worldwide in the area of CAD/CAM & Digital Marketing :

1) 3D CAD Modeling.
2) Rendering Services.
3) Animation Services.
4) Complete website development integrating renderings & animations of jewelry models with payment gateways.

Our facility in Mumbai is equipped with the latest workstations, most recent versions of jewellery design softwares & a pool of talented manpower having vast experience in the area of CAD Modeling, renderings, animations, web designing & programming.

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Vikrant Rawa, Intriguity Design Studio - India

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Good Job 11/2/2010 di 'Sandeep Mane' da Sandeep Mane
We gave some models to Intriguity Design Studio & the results are fantastic. The renderings are suited for website & are very subtly rendered. Amazing Job!
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Cad 12/5/2010 di 'Ramnik Patel' da Ramnik Patel
There's is not enough jewellery models or work displayed on the site to review The work