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iPad 3D Controller for Rhino

Maide Control is a tablet app that allows you to use the iPad as an input device for Rhino. Use it as a mouse, a keyboard, a multi-touch controller for the camera, or as a gesture interface to activate commands. Connect multiple iPads to one model during collaborative sessions, or use it to present your Rhino models with style.

Download the desktop software that holds the CAD plug-in for free from our website at http://www.maideinc.com/

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Oleg Kostour, Maide Inc.

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iPad 3D controller - Maide 12/6/2011 di 'Arnold' da Arnold
This app is great to use with my mouse. It is very intuitive to have the control of the camera with multi-touch on my left hand. My productivity increased since I don't have to stop and keep moving the camera with my mouse. Great job guys. Keep up the good work.