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Innovative CAD Technologies

At Innovative CAD Technologies, we specialize in rapid prototyping for all industries.  Our complete array of rp equipment is available to handle your prototyping needs. Innovative CAD guarantees the quality of the result and ensures the outcome through years of experience in the field and through our constant attention to the maintaining of our equipment to factory standards.  We are available to handle your requests whether it is a single item or multiple items.  Call our specialists today and see what true professionals can do for you.

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Gary Bleiweiss, Innovative CAD Technologies
866 314-2220

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a great resource 9/24/2010 di 'Michael Arnold' da Michael Arnold
i have been working with Innovative Cad for several years now, They go the extra mile to give me great service and quality results.
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Very Helpful 9/9/2010 di 'Cindy DeRosa' da Cindy DeRosa
I am a relatively new user of Matrix software. I sent Innovative CAD a few files for them to prototype and they were extremely helpful in showing me some of the problems my designed faced. They gave me guidelines that I wasn't aware of and helped ensure the success of the outcome. They are very friendly and made me feel like they honestly cared about my project. I fully recommend them for prototyping. BTW, their casting quality was excellent as well.