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PhotoModeler Pro 5

PhotoModeler Pro, the award-winning software program from Eos Systems, allows you to create accurate, realistic, wireframe or photo-textured 3D models and measurements from photographs. Our product is widely used by professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture, feature film animation, 3D graphics, accident reconstruction, forensics, archaeology and web page design.

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sales@photomodeler.com, Eos Systems Inc.

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** 9/20/2003
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The best close range photogrammetry tool 4/1/2005
To my mind, Photomodeler is the best close range photogrammetry tool in market. Very good results even with cheap digital camera. Models can be imported in visualization software to save modeling time.
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Non-contact geometry capture is here! 9/26/2003
PM-5 is a very good tool for geometry capure, no matter what size or shape, if you can take some good photos of it you can re-create it in your computer. The steps are easy to follow, and the geometry tools resolve 99% of real objects. I'm impressed!!
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Usefull but not Robust. 2/23/2005
Photomodeler is a good value for money software package. If you can not afford the full blown bells and whistles packages like Imetric or ION this tool can be used, But be prepared for a lot of failures and many manual steps. Photo modeler requires you to have an abundant amount of coded targets, and as few pictures as possible... Set up of targets becomes a bit of an art, if you want to have successful and stress free projects. If your starting in photogrammetry, or have a strict budget this is a good place to start.
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MGDesign 6/8/2003
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Flexible, powerful and affordable reverse engineering 1/24/2006
PhotoModeler operates in many modes, from single photo projects using perspective, to multi-photo projects with manually marked points, all the way to fully automated projects with a mixture of coded and non-coded target dots. It is flexible enough to work with a few photos, many photos, a few targets or many targets. The core of the program is based on the same advanced mathematical algorithms used in much more expensive photogrammetry packages, giving PhotoModeler capabilities to achieve similarly high accuracy when using the same camera. For modeling, you can create point sets, lines, cylinders and all the way to NURBS surfaces from your photographic data. Note: I work for Eos Systems, the developer of PhotoModeler. Contact us any time for advice or assistance.
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too many manual steps 9/23/2003