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Secrets of Rhinoceros

3dRender.com now offers the tutorials and files from the Secrets of Rhinoceros CD-ROM as a free on-line resource. Please note that these tutorials were developed while Rhinoceros was in version 1 (or earlier) and has not been updated for the latest releases of Rhino. Because this content was designed for CD-ROM delivery, some of these pages may be slower to download than the other tutorial pages on 3dRender.com, and a few of the shortcut links do not work.


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Jeremy Birn, 3drender.com

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Outstanding 1/25/2002
Great for begginers as well as advenced users.
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Great modelling tutorials 4/2/2008 di 'Daniel Lopes' da Daniel Lopes
The examples illustrated permit an osmosis learning: it just diffuses through your eyes into your brains, with almost no effort! Well done!