Rhino 3 Day - Introduction to Nurbs modeling à MagneticVisions

10/28/2017 - 10/30/2017
Oct 28,29,30 (Sat,Sun,Mon) 2017 9:00am-5:00pm

Providence, Rhode Island
US $525.00

Description du cours :
This course will help you understand how to model with the Rhino Nurbs surface structure. This hands-on course will guide you through the parts of Rhino that can be
confusing, promote good modeling techniques, and cover multiple surface tools and modeling approaches used for many Industries. Complete documentation is provided to allow you to spend class time becoming comfortable using Rhino and ensuring valuable reference material to help continue learning to create your own models.
If necessary this course can be repeated at no extra charge within 1 year of origanal registration.
(Subject to space and schedule availability)

Lieu :
Providence, RI 02809
United States

Pour s'inscrire :
e-mail : Co-ordinator
téléphone : (347)534-7558