Rhino WIP WIP 2011-07-13 (07/13/2011)

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Enhanced Features

  • BlockManager
    • Added Select button that clears the current selection set and selects top-level instance references that match the ones currently selected in the Block Manager.
    • The Block list now selects blocks that match top level block references that are selected when the dialog is initially displayed.
    • All options now work with multiple select.
    • The Count output now works with multiple select and displays in a dialog that allows you to export the report to a CSV file or copy the results to the clipboard.
    • The Referenced By output now works with multiple select and displays in a dialog that allows you to export the report to a CSV file or copy the results to the clipboard.
    • Delete works for multiple items.
    • Export works for multiple selected items. If more than one item is selected, you are now prompted for a folder to export the selected blocks to; otherwise, if a single file is selected, you are just prompted for a file name. If more than one file is selected, an overwrite warning dialog will appear as needed that lets the user decide what to do with the name conflicts, it works similar to the overwrite warning in Windows File Explorer.
    • New block Preview for the currently selected block.
    • Multiple select now works for all Block Manager functions: Export, Delete, Update, Select, Count, etc.
  • Insert
    • Disabled the Link button when inserting non-3dm files, since we currently only support embed and embed with update for these files. These controls should be enabled and the check box should work.
    • Enabled Link and Embed controls when inserting 3dm files. If inserting a block, make these controls match the current block definitions settings.
    • If the block in the inserted file has the same id and the objects it uses have the same ids, the existing block definition is used; otherwise the block from the file inserted file is used and the name is incremented.
    • Non-3dm files can no longer be inserted with the Link option. These files can only use the Embed and Embed, Allow update options.
  • Save:STEP: Surfaces are no longer shrunk on export.

Bug Fixes

  • Block: Block definitions created by a Paste command were not deleted when the Paste command is undone. This is fixed.
  • BlockEdit: The warning message about locked or hidden objects incorrectly appeared when objects were deleted. This is fixed.
  • BlockManager: The Select button incorrectly selected locked or hidden instance references. This is fixed.
  • Import: Block definitions were not correctly handled when a file was imported. This is fixed.
  • Insert:
    • Incorrectly ignored the ModelBasePoint in an inserted file. This is fixed.
    • Several problems with duplicate block names have been fixed.
  • Intersect: A problem with intersecting blocks containing extrusion objects has been fixed.

Failure Bugs Fixed

  • Block (1)
  • BlockEdit (2)
  • BlockManager (2)
  • Dim (1)
  • Explode (1)
  • Extrusion Object (1)
  • FilletEdge (3)
  • Fin (1)
  • Insert (3)
  • Installer (1)
  • Localization (8)
  • MeshRepair (1)
  • OffsetCrvOnSrf (1)
  • RhinoScript (4)

Crashes Fixed

  • CrashDump (3)
  • OffsetCrvOnSrf (1)