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VisualMILL - Affordable standalone CAM software that reads 3DM files

MecSoft - Affordable CAD / CAM Software Solutions

Simply the most complete and affordable CAM software available in the market. All posts are included, and support is free.

With over 16 years of production testing, and thousands of users worldwide, the powerful set of 2.5 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis, and 5 axis machining operations also provide proven and dependable results that customers can count on.

See why so many people are turning to VisualMILL for their CNC needs. www.mecsoft.com

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CAM Program 11/4/2006
Nice CAM Program but a little bit to expensiv. Support is not optimal. Sometimes it takes several days to get an answer.
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VisualMill loaded with bugs 7/14/2005
Visual Mill is loaded with bugs. Tech Support takes a long time, even months, to correct problems. This program is not for the professional shop.
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VisualMill 7/15/2005
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VM is OK 4/26/2007 von 'Tim Goymerac' von Tim Goymerac
VM for 2.5D is OK. Used VM for 4 yrs. then changed to One of the Aus software compnies and now moved back to using VM because it handles all wierd shapes.
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Visualmill is a good CAM package 7/3/2007 von 'Mark Angus' von Mark Angus
I have used visualmill for the last 3 years now. I love the program. I started using it, because it was the first 3D package I found that was reasonably priced.At that time I was quoted £7000 - £10000 by some of the highend packages, which was way over the budget I was given to work with. I bought my own copy 2 years ago. I have managed to do amazing work with it( my own opinion). It has seldom let me down. I feel it is a good 3D CAM package for the small to medium size businesses. There is no maintanance fee, even though there is support via the forum. You get what you pay for, and for that I have no complaints. Mark Angus . www.3dcnc.co.uk
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Nice simulation - but big problems proceding large files 8/21/2007 von 'Zeinecker' von Zeinecker
Visual Mill 5.0 has a lot of bugs, and MecSoft's support is not the best! Often the given answers were not helpful. Visual Mill has a very nice simulation mode, but we had great problems proceding large files with a lot of triangles imported from Rhino. Several program crashes! Our conclusion is, that this product is not recomandable just at the moment.
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I enjoy using Visual Mill 8/10/2009 von 'Greg Pettit' von Greg Pettit
I have very much been enjoying the use of my standalone version of Visual Mill Pro. I had a tough time choosing a CAM software, but have been completely satisfied with my choice to go with MecSoft. I really like having the users forum and I feel MecSoft really listens to their customers.
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Best CAM product on the market!!! 9/7/2005
I've used other programs, but for my money VisualMill is the way to go. After the initial learning curve is over, this program really rocks. Using the K-base files really speeds my processing time, and lets me concentrate my time on design and sales.
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Simple y eficaz 9/12/2005
Es un programa simple de entender, no es muy pesado y con las rutas de mecanizado justas y necesarias para poder hacer cualquier trabajo en 3ejes.
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Best damn program for the money 9/20/2005
I have used Visualmill for almost 2 years now. Best damn program for the money. I cut complex molds for the automotive plastic industry and I have found Visualmill is really in a class of its own right now. Nobody can touch what they offer.
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Great Value 11/21/2006
There is no other software on the market that gives you the machining strategies available in VisualMill for the same price. Great mid-range CAM package. We use this software with a four axis verticle mill for making plastic and wax patterns; and small non-ferrous parts.
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I really do love this software 8/10/2009 von 'Greg Maryon' von Greg Maryon
'I really do love this software!! I have watched it earn its keep a thousand fold. To be honest I never in my wildest dreams thought I would own a CAM software for $4000 that has the power that VisualMILL has. When we talk CAM software we talk 10 to 40 thousand dollars to have functionality. If you would have told me about VisualMILL two years ago I would have told you to take a short walk off a long bridge. Having discovered the software on my own, trying the demo, buying, put to steel, seeing is amazing. VisualMILL is really in a class of its own right now. Nobody can touch what they offer. The price to performance is just on the other side of the galaxy. I really don't know how they do it. Just wait for the re-machine stuff to happen, forget about it!! Hands down MecSoft VisualMILL!!'