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VSR Shape Modeling

This Rhino plug-In based contains functionality to easily create and modify "Class A" shapes, as:

  • Quick user-controlled surface creation on polygon meshes, creating single-span surfaces
  • Curve sketching functionality, also on meshes
  • Simple and fast control point modeling with numerous additional options, also on top of meshes
  • Curve and surface matching functionality up to G3 ("Flow")
  • Blend and Multiblend functions up to G3 ("Flow")
  • Graphic handles for easy modification of the created geometry
  • Curve and surface approximation to simplify the geometry
  • Embedded associative Analysis functionality as Sections, Dynamic Section, Deviation, Matching,...
  • WebGL export of to communicate analysis results easily to other users as 3D HTML5 page, including all defined analysis for visualisation in Web browsers and on mobile devices from Apple® with VSR iView)

..... and a lot more!


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Michael Wieczorek, Peter Salzmann, Virtual Shape Research
+49 (0) 511 - 475 562 - 0

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