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Rhinophoto is a Photogrammetry plugin for Rhino and provides automatic 3D digitizing from a set of photographs. You can now perform 3D digitalization with your Camera...

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Philippe Boichut, Qualup SAS

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Worked First Time 9/20/2008 von 'Roger Davies' von Roger Davies
We currently use a Photogrammetric system called Tritop by a company called GOM. This is a top of the range portable CMM and this also produces 3D points from digital images so we were interested how easy and accurate Rhinophoto would be in comparison and from our first attempt we been very impressed. We made the whole process less stable by using a very basic auto focus camera (not the best way)and just trying to keep our focal length similar throughout the data capture. We calibrated the camera with the supplied sheet and followed the supplied instructions and within minutes we had our 3D co-ordinated points in Rhino. For anyone needing to capture a mass of data over surfaces etc then this could be a very cost effective system to consider.