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Users of Rhinoceros have long lamented the lack of reliable hydrostatics calculations from within their models.  The alternatives are outputting GHS data and doing your hydrostatics in one of the fine programs from Creative Systems or the Rhino plug-in, Orca3D, which is also an excellent option for those with looser purse strings.  

Now, with RhinoStatics, you can get complete, reliable hydrostatics in your modeling session at a much more affordable price.  A few mouse clicks sets up the model for calculation.  Then, each time you make a change to your model (assuming you follow a few simple rules), you will be able to check the results in almost real time.

Two versions

RhinoStatics ships in two versions: light and full-featured.  No matter which version you choose, you are assured the same high-quality output.    Both versions have been tested with Windows XP and Windows 7, so we assume the plugin works with Windows Vista.

Light version

This version is perfect for the designer whose projects are less demanding.  The only major difference between this version and the full-featured version is that this version only supports one shape.  That means if your hulls have bulbs, skegs, stabilizer fins and such, then they have to be modeled as part of the hull surface

Full-featured version (due to  ship late 2010)

This version will allow you to model as many shapes as you like in order to define your hull, bulb, skeg, rudder, skeg shoe, stabilizer fins and any other appendages separately

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